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Helping College Students Stay Strong in Their Faith

The Word Among Us College Edition has helped numerous students stay close to God and on their faith path while enduring challenging times away from home. Discover how you can support this valuable mission with a gift to Word Among Us. Read More

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Terry: "I make donations to The Word Among Us Partners so that The Word can be spread. It's not just the Good News, it's the Best News! [I donate] so it can be spread to people who need it the most—the people in prison who are hopeless, people who are going through an emotional crisis because they are contemplating or have had an abortion, our military men and women who are out there every day risking their lives, and the formation of college students."

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Mary: "I have grown in my personal relationship with the Lord through daily reading of The Word Among Us and prayer time. I donate so others are able to have that same experience."

Woman praying in a church

Oliver: "Giving to Partners is part of my tithing and giving back to God's work. I have been blessed—so I share my blessings with others in need."

Woman praying in a church

Father Robert: "I am so grateful for the Partners' Program at Word Among Us. In previous assignments, I helped out on military bases and encountered the often-great spiritual hunger of our men and women in service to our country. Often, they're away from home, separated from family, facing challenging situations and seeking to answer difficult questions. The Word Among Us brings the light of Christ to them in the Word of God, making it easier for them to connect with God and with the Church. I know it is a great comfort to many and I am blessed to share in that mission through my contribution.

Charlie: "Planning my gift to The Word Among Us Partners has given me joy that evangelization will be part of my legacy. I want everyone who is hurting to read the word of God and find hope in the meditations of The Word Among Us."

Cindy: "Giving to Partners is a corporal work of mercy. It’s a way to provide hope, visit those in prison, and feed the hungry spiritually. I have been reading The Word Among Us for a long time now. My husband passed away six years ago, and it has been such a comfort to me these last six years."

Michelle: "I give to The Word Among Us Partners because I believe that when everything around us is in chaos and life seems hopeless, the magazine reminds us of what St. Paul says in Ephesians 4, '… think of the things that are excellent and worthy of praise.' You can find reason for hope and strength in the pages of the magazine."

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